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Ever since I was a young girl, I loved being photographed and seeing my cousin model inspired me as I grew up to model as well. As I learned fashion design, it pushed me to start modeling so that I can model my own designs. I want to be able to showcase my own designs by modeling them since a friend of mine once said “the good thing about having the creator of the garment modeling in it, is that the creator knows how to bring out the special parts of the garment". Since then, I have been working hard to improve myself in both modeling and designing.

Fairytales and bridal gowns are what inspires me the most in my designs, reflecting upon my romantic and sexy aesthetic. I love to create one of a kind pieces that princesses would love to wear. Within all the fashion designs, my passion remains with intimate apparel. It's a magical world - although meant to be worn underneath  it can make any women feel more confident and sexy.

Since I've been photographed by a lot of photographers, I started gaining an interest in photography and make up (I do all my own make up), so this blog will also document my journey in those.

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My passion lies within fashion! I love every aspect of it - from styling, designing, creating, shooting to even the details of makeup and accessory. This blog is for me to share with everyone my journey through all these hobbies (and work!) of mine. Hope you'll enjoy browsing my #10seclookbooks, photography and creations :)