FIT Senior Lingerie Showcase

I know, I know... I lied about posting more. I was really busy even after the semester was over with fashion show, graduation, celebrations, etc! So forgive me :P But now things are slowing down a bit so I can post!

On Tuesday (May 28, 2013), our senior intimate apparel class finally presented our lingerie showcase! We did it at Lillie's Bar, which is an amazinggg location! I'm planning a shoot with two designers there, so watch out for those photos ;) I loved the idea of our class presenting a work in the way we created, but I've never been too fond of bar runways (I've walked in a previous one) because of the photos!! There's always someone in the back photobombing... If only they could've cleared out the people sitting behind where the models will be photographed, I would love doing bar runways more. On a happier note, I got to model some beautiful intimate pieces as well as show mine!!!

Me modeling Jennifer Campagna's soft bra ensemble.
My cotton bra and panty, with lace bolero and train.
Can you see the photobombing man? My boyfriend (AXL Photography) told me he was blocking his light set up at first, then when asked to move he just sat in dead center so he can be in every photograph... Just great... anyways you can check out more photos here!

xo judy





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