FIT Future of Fashion Show

I haven't got to post about the FIT Future of Fashion show that I was selected for (read about it here), so I can finally show you all the photos from the show! It was on May 1, 2013, and it was amazing to share it with the very talented class of 2013!
Ma Chérie cotton ensemble going down the runway (photo credit Smiljana Peros/FIT)

Ms. Fabulous blog post on FIT Future of Fashion 2013 Runway show
My favorite part of the show was of course, the little children!! They were really adorable, especially the one and only little boy who looked so lost. The sunflowers they have the girls hold made it even more perfect.

photo credit Smiljana Peros/FIT
It was a wonderful experience to see my creation go down a runway, but the show was wayy too short. I wished more talented students (only 91 out of the whole graduating class got in) were able to showcase their work, or at least implement the rule that one garment per student gets in. There were a few students that got two in that I felt could've given the chance to another student. Oh well, overall it was a great show and the models were just stunning!! Can't wait for my next fashion show ;)

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