Getting into FIT's BFA Fashion Show

Each year, FIT does a BFA fashion show for the graduating class. Intimate apparel had our pre judging the past Monday to pick out those they want to be presented in the great hall for the judges to pick the actual garments for the show, and for open exhibit to the public.

the garments in the great hall.
There were over 250 garments on display in the great hall, and you can see how much hard work was put into each one. It was amazing to see the many different styles and talent our graduating class had! It must have been hard for the judges, I wonder what factors were more important to them as they looked at our garments.
me and my two looks from my collection.

We were promised the list of the garments chosen will be posted by 6, but we were delayed (with one student screaming "you have to meet your deadline too" haha), and it was a really nerve wrecking time period waiting. Luckily my classmate handed out chocolate to calm ourselves.

second page of intimate apparel class.
Finally, the "messenger" had the list with everyone almost clamoring over her as she posted it. I wasn't close enough to the list but my friend had screamed she got both of her looks in and hugged me. And there, I saw my name and outfit two (my black look) on our list! I really shocked that they chose my cotton look over my fashion look since I had last time to execute the cotton, and there were so many black garments. But I'm also happy because that's my sexier and more current "me" that will be representing me on the runway. What's also great is that 15 looks total from our class got in! Now I'm hoping we close the show like the year before us ;)

For more information, visit FIT's webpage!

Stay tuned for photos from my shoot for two of my looks from the collection.

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