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Getting the correct bra size and type is essential and can eliminate any discomfort that we all dread when we put them on. ThirdLove caters to those needs - bras that fits real women. Not only do they create half sizes to fit those that are in between, but also for different breast shapes. They shared a great fit guide with me to share with my lovely readers to help us make sure we get the right fitting bras. Here are some helpful tips!

A tight band is the right band - wear your bra on the outer most hook, that way you can tighten as the bra stretches out from wear.

Tighten your straps - to ensure the straps are supporting you, make sure to tighten or adjust it each month so it's not falling off your shoulders.

Try a different bra style - if tightening the straps doesn't do the trick, full coverage, semi and convertible bra straps are more narrowly placed to help them stay on the shoulders, whereas balconet and plunge bras have wider set straps which are meant for wear with wider necklines.

Creeping band - if your bra rides up, try going down a band size and up a cup, that way the band is snugly in place. So if you were 34B and it's riding up, try a 32C. The perfect band size should allow you to slip two fingers in the back perfectly - not to tightly or too loosely. This is also the solution for other problems such as side boobs or when the bra is squishing into your breasts - you need a bigger cup!

Gaping cups - try tightening the straps to help lift the tissue, filling in the space. If that doesn't work, the cup may be a bit too big so try going down a cup size or try ThirdLove's half sizes. Otherwise, plunge or push up styles might work best since the cups are cut smaller and angled.

Perfect nude - if you're wearing white, try avoiding white as you will actually see the outline. Instead, to hide your bras under clothes, try a nude or black, which actually acts as a shadow. It's ideal to own two nudes and one black to alternate when wearing t-shirts or light colored clothing.

Want to try out their app to find the perfect fit? Use code BRABLEMS for 15% off all orders! :) Free shipping for orders over $75, as well as free returns / exchanges.





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