Ippin | Shiseido Benefique Review & Tutorial

As you may all know, I'm a makeup addict, and Japan has some of the top notch makeup in terms of both quality and packaging. However it's such a hassle to order online – ordering off eBay has risks of fake products and super slow shipping, and ordering from a Japanese online shop is expensive due to fees plus shipping.

That's why I was super excited to find out about Ippin. You get to shop all kinds of high quality Japanese brands all in one portal, from food to beauty to electric appliances, all in the comfort of your own home. No need to book an airplane flight to Japan! There is different independent sites for each country they offer this service to, with customized recommended items for each location to create a user-friendly service. Not only do you get to shop a variety of products, there is no hidden fees and many offers free shipping.

They ship with EMS, so for me, it only took 7 days which is super quick coming from the other side of the country! Everything was so well packed with bubble wrap and packing peanuts so that it arrived safe and sound.

I decided to pick items from Shiseido Benefique brand. Shiseido is quite popular in the states, however we don't have the sub-brands they offer in Japan, such as Benefique. I wanted to do a full makeup look so I got a skincare prep, foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner and eyeliner. OMG the packaging is beautiful! The ivory cases with engraved floral designs is so detailed and romantic looking.

Let's start off with the Shiseido Benefique acne mist lotion. With the active ingredient salicylic acid, it helps firm the skin by moisturizing the skin, and prevents acne. It has a light floral and citrus fragrance that smelled a bit like medicine from the bottle, but upon application there was no strong scent, just a light floral scent. It felt so refreshing! It helped mattify my skin, but did not feel drying at all. From my limited Japanese reading skills, you can also apply it after makeup application to help set the makeup.

Moving on to the base makeup! I applied sunscreen, then the Shiseido Benefique Crystallizing Liquid Foundation in Beige Ocher 10, which is a neutral tone, perfect for me. Can we stop and appreciate just how beautiful the bottle is? The printed on floral pattern and the beautiful flower embossed cap! I can't get over it!

Besides having beautiful packaging, it really helped brighten and even out my skin! It blended well into my skin color and left a dewy finish. I usually buy matte foundation, but this dewy finish looks a lot more natural! It helped remove pores and dullness while smoothing and moisturizing the skin without having to apply a separate base. If you want, you can apply some powder over the T-zone.

Since the foundation is a medium coverage, and I have insane dark eye bags, I applied concealer under my eyes as well as any blemishes and blend it in . I also drew in my eyebrow shape and applied gel to lighten the brows.

My favorite part – eye shadow! I love how Japanese eye shadows are so silky and easy to apply, and the Shiseido Benefique, Theoty Color Palette Eyeshadow in an Aurora Pearl finish is no different. I got the color PK01, which had a shimmery ivory color, natural peachy color and a soft brown, perfect for creating creases. I love the satin look of these shades, giving dimension to my eyes.

I applied the white shade to the inner top and bottom corner, which helps open up my eyes. Then, with the peach shade, I applied right at the center of my lid, catching light when I blink my eyes. Lastly, softly blend the dark brown at the outer corner of the eyelids to create depth.

My signature eye look is the cat eyes, and the Shiseido Benefique, Theoty Liquid Smart Eyeliner has a brush just right for drawing on a sharp cat eye. The shade BR88 is dark brown for a more natural look. If you go over it a second time, it becomes a deep brown, almost like black, which is great since you have the option of both colors. The 8 mm brush tip was nice and soft, easy to use and great precision to get that sharp cat eye you want. It also has great staying power as its waterproof! It lasted me a whole day without touch ups.

With your favorite mascara, apply to bottom and top for the appearance of bigger, doll eyes.

Of course, you can't forget about the lips! Shiseido Benefique, Theoty Lipstick, Melty Touch in RS01 was a nice rosey coral color. I don't usually use corals, but this one was sooo pretty! It went on smoothly since it has a formula with treatment ingredients to moisturize the lips. With the melted look, it plumps the lips and makes my lips appear fuller with out any lip pencil! I love this! Who doesn't want the illusion of bigger lips like Kylie Jenner?

Lastly, you can't forget to contour! I applied bronzer to my jawline, below my cheekbones and to the sides of my nose bridge. Using a light hand, blend in some rosey blush on the cheeks into the bronzed areas. Then, with a shimmery highlighter, lightly dust it across the cheekbones and the T-zone for it to stand out. That's my trick to making my hamster cheeks appear smaller!

Ta-da! That's the final look, a natural and sweet look! I'm amazed (but not surprised!) at how high quality the Shiseido Benefique makeup is! Even if you don't love pretty packaging, they're all so easy to blend and apply that it's so worth it! I also highly recommend using Ippin! It's so easy to use to buy products you can't get conveniently in the US.

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