Asian Artists China Night Awards Ceremony

November 7, 2013 wrapped up the three days 4th Annual New York Chinese Film Festival with an awards ceremony at the historical Capitale NY. What greater place to hold it than the historical ballroom inspired by an arts fair? The night kicked off with press interviews with the featured actors and actresses.

For me, I was in the room with the multi-talented Vicki Zhao Wei. First thought that went through my head "I love her fuchsia lips! Wonder which lipstick she used?" It really played off her pretty red lace applique dress.

The soft spoken actress enjoys both directing and acting, and hopes to do more of both. She doesn't need people to love the movie "So Young" overall, but wants people to see that she put a lot of thought, hard work and determination in it. You can definitely tell as the movie really puts you through a roller coaster of emotions.
We were then ushered downstairs for cocktails before the curtains open into the awards ballroom. Once everyone was seated, the stars of the night came out from the second floor in pairs to be seated. After greetings from the chairmans, the awards were announced for each recipient. The first award of the night went to Vicki Zhao Wei.

Next was "Super Wu" for his role in "Finding Mr. Right." I think he looks amazing in all the shots, as he really has this air of class and wisdom to him. Just look at his pose, it's like a magazine ad for the suit. He doesn't only have a smart appearance, but when he talked, he really captures the audience. When he shot the movie, he visited Central Park for the first time. Today he decided to return, and it felt the same to him as it did when he was first there. Because to him, yesterday, today and tomorrow is all the same. It is a day. He hopes to continue making more films for his fans to watch.

He was very humble when receiving his award. His presenter's speech was also very memorable; when he taught film related classes, he asked his students how many wanted to be producers, directors or actors? Almost all hands shot up. When asked, how many wanted to be a scriptwriter? Six hands nervously went up. He then turned to the others to become close friends with these script writers through their college years as without their ideas, there will be nothing to produce, director or act in.

When the female presenter gave Miriam Yeung, I thought it was such a cute moment. From what I can decipher through reading lips, she kept complimenting on how pretty Miriam looked. She really does look stunning! Looking at her career as both a singer and actress, she loves them both and hopes to produce more for fans to enjoy.

Lastly, but certainly not the least is the martial arts master Donnie Yen receiving Most Outstanding Asian Artist Award for his two films "Ip Man" and "Special ID". His presenters asked if he was excited, and he replied very honestly he would be if it wasn't for his jet lag. Poor him, I hope he adjusts soon!

His wife, Cissy Wang, is so supportive of him, as she looks up lovingly at him and snaps a photo of him onstage.

As you can tell, their love goes both ways as I captured him staring down with loving eyes at her when he tells her they have an interview to go to. Can I just say, CUTEST COUPLE EVER!?

Another beautiful and sweet couple! This time is a very supportive husband :)

And let's not forget the other award recipients, chairmen of the film festival and other important guests!

Photo credit: Kai Liu
And lastly, a photo with my friend! Sorry I probably look so dead by then as I attended all three days, but so worth it! I had a lot of fun, met a lot of new friends and learn new things. Hope I can go again next year!





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