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Sorry for the lack of posts recently! I just returned from my LA and Vegas trip (photos and posts coming soon!), and already came back to an awesome event! This time I got to meet the author of "Feel Good Food," celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis. She really has a charming smile, and really doesn't look 43! (Probably because she uses the trick of dunking her face in a sink of ice water in the morning. She reasons that it gets rid of puffiness.) I must admit right now, I also love her healthy bouncing hair LOL Just thought I had to put that out there.

Deep in thought from Alton's twitter fan questions. Apparently they have 10k overlap fans ;)
The moderator Alton Brown, her fans, and her chatted about various topics from her favorite food, her new book, last meal if on the death row, tips on cooking and more. The two obviously had great chemistry and didn't take each other too seriously (he made her say her favorite curse f*ck live), making hilarious comments at each other.

The hilarious Alton Brown, he reminds me of a professor at FIT... but funnier and not so serious.
Giada learned cooking from her grandfather and aunt, which began her passion for cooking. She was discovered by Food Network through an article she wrote for FOOD & WINE magazine which jumpstarted her career. She likes to take classic Italian food and reinvent them. However, pasta here is different than those in Italy due to the soil and water, therefore different wheat. When asked how she copes with food she has to ingest on TV that aren't good tasting? Lots of tequila after to wash out the flavors, as it is her guilty pleasure food. Her least favorite food was green bell pepper (apparently all bell peppers causes her to gas), whereas she must have chocolate and white wine in her fridge.

Her newest work in her food career is the book, "Feel Good Food." Alton mentioned that she used new ingredients she hasn't used in her previous books. She explained how it was due to cooking for her daughter and daughter's friends. Since many are children, they have allergies to certain ingredients, such as wheat and gluten. She then had to replace them with other ingredients through experimenting. Instead of almond flour (which was too dense), she used coconut flour for cupcake and the texture was a lot closer to a regular cupcake. Or instead of oil, she used avocado as the fat - as in using it for what it really is! I thought this was really awesome to do for a cookbook - using nontraditional ingredients so those with allergies can still use her recipes and cook food that taste just as great.

From her experience, many people don't believe that she can be a chef, and still have her healthy and slim physique. She wants to break this stereotype, and change people's perception and relationship with food. Admitting she used to eat so much sugar, but after a weekend of eating so much chocolate cake and her body's negative reaction to it, she changed. She urged us to try new combinations because we are feeding ourselves poison, and our body will pay for it. The body won't feel as good anymore, so by changing to a healthy diet, the body will pay you back by feeling better. Your skin will feel clearer, you'll have more energy and look slimmer. She knows she can't win but she's here to try and prove it anyways. Well, I must admit, this is very true. After a summer visiting my dad who changed my diet, I returned slimmer (my friends noticed, not me), my skin was a lot clearer and I felt less drowsy.

Each question he asked, he threw an index card, you can see it scattered all over the floor. She inquires if he believes someone will pick them up for him, but he thinks avid fans will sell it on ebBay for money.
Besides, her television career and cookbooks, she has a weekly online magazine (Giada: A Digital Weekly) she uses as her media outlet to talk with her fans. She curates other talents from her own world (friends and family) to speak in it. Since she prepares each a week ahead, rather than months as compared to a regular magazine, it is immediate information. Unlike other online magazines, it is not based on newsstand magazines, as most are. There's 7 stories for 7 days of the week such as recipes, photos and anything interesting going on. She wants to live it moment by moment. It is only available on Apple products for now, but will be available on other platforms starting next week.

Both were avidly listening to the fans and answering.
One fan asked the perfect question for the upcoming holiday feasts, how to roast a chicken. Alton likes to cook it butterfly style - remove the back bone to flatten the bird, which allows it to be cooked in 45 minutes in high heat. He slides vegetables under it so as the fat drips, the flavor isn't wasted. Both agree to dry it out well, Alton does it after rinsing out all the gunk, but Giada, doesn't. She doesn't want the bacteria to move around in her cooking space. She would just pull it out if she has to. Then olive oil is rubbed on rather than butter for even color, making sure the flavor gets under the skin and to cook it fast, hot and upside down.

Her signature smile.
Other questions from fans generated really funny responses, such as what would be her death row last meal. She admits, lots of alcohol so she will feel so drunk she won't know what's happening. Which relates to Alton's twitter fan question of what she would like to be written on her tombstone. She started off with fabulous daughter, wonderful mom, but decided lastly on her amazing smile, which she has! What would she get rid of in her kitchen? All the appliances she buys but doesn't really need, such as her "small blender from Target." I like how Alton laughs that she sneakily threw in the word Target, since she sells a collection of cookware there.

How to eat healthy in NY? Well actually she lives in LA, but she tipped us on how to eat healthy in any restaurant - order two appetizers instead of a main course. Or if none of the appetizer fancies you, eat only half a main course. Can't control yourself? When ordering, ask them to pack half of it away for you first. Also, order everything on the side, especially sauce as that's where most of the calories are hiding at. Great tips, however, I am still on a mission to find a healthier diet, so I am looking forward to purchasing her book!

A young fan among the audience.
She was very sweet when accepting a bracelet gift from a young fan, prompting her to apologize for cursing earlier. She was also really cute when she stuck her feet out when complimented on her nice shoes (Burberry she says). Not only did I have a good time, I learned a lot about her and healthy eating.

After that, my friend and I head out to get some famous wontons from HK Wonton Garden. I loved their roasted duck and noodles, their wonton not as much. And I didn't really follow her rule of packing half to go, but I didn't finish it all... so hope it's ok :P





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