Huang Pin Yuan Concert Press Conference

Most Chinese singers hold their concerts in Mohegan Sun, CT, but this time Huang Pin Yuan will be holding it at the fairly new Resorts World Casino in Jamaica, NY. Hunag Pin Yuan is a Taiwanese singer, and it is his second time holding a concert in the East Coast. Even though he just landed in NY at noon, he rushed over for his concert's press conference. He did not seem fazed at all by the time difference, and was quite humorous and attentive to all questions being asked.

According to Hunag, they were looking for an idol singer to hold a concert in NYC, and upon being asked he happily accepted the invitation. When the man behind the production came up for photographs, his co-worker said he loves Huang's songs and sings it all the time. Hinting what a big fan he was, it was mainly him that helped made this possible.

Although the location is different than last time's, it is still a casino, so the production and song selections are geared towards a casino venue's style. Due to the casino's regulations, the concert can only run for an hour and a half, which is roughly 12 songs. A news reporter told him to prepare more songs for encore, he just smiles and said he will see the day of. There will also be two other singers joining him on stage.

He talked about combining his guitar skills with his singing because not many Taiwanese singers does that, but he's good at it so he wants to share it. When asked about outfit changes, as most singers love to do extravagant concert costumes (and multiple ones!), he joked "If you're here to see me change clothes, this isn't the show for it." He wants it to be more focused on his songs rather than costumes.

Not only does he sing and play guitar, he writes songs as well. He told us that he is currently writing songs for his friends, specifically one for a friend who is getting married.

The concert runs for two time slots, November 27, 2013 10PM and November 28, 2013 5PM. Noticing that one day falls on Thanksgiving, he admits that Taiwanese does not have a tradition of celebrating it. However, he knows it is a big celebration for Americans, and how it is a special day for him. Therefore he hopes to bring the feeling of thankfulness to the concert and all his fans that attends.

Huang Pin Yuan with a fan.





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