New York City Motorcycle Show 2013

Shot by AXL Photography.
Yesterday I joined two photographers (one event and one fashion) to check out the Motorcycle Show at the Javits Center. Although we arrived a bit late, an hour before closing time, we had a bit of fun "riding" the bikes and taking lots of photos. I recently got my 60D so this was a great way for me test drive it ;) As well as getting some shots of myself with hot bikes wahahaha... anyways...

Plenty of different brands from Suzuki to Harley-Davidson to Kawasaki were displayed across the convention hall. With ample space to walk around each model, we were allowed to hop on them to feel out the seats, grips, test the sound system and more. There were a few up on display stages with "DO NOT SIT" signs, which were disappointing as they were the most hottest ones, but understandable. All the other ones have been scratched up by eager attendees trying them out.

The bikes ranged from sexy red racing bikes to masculine road bikes to even speedboats. It was great to see a whole range of styles the brands offer, and get a feel of what fits your style best. Besides bikes for us adults to transport by, some brands even had little ones for children! So cute!!!

Along with the many different bike brands showcasing their latest models, there were also a lot of insurance companies, Geico and Progressive being a few of them. Safety always comes first, right? At the Progressive area (which was quite large), they had bikes on display, a painting station and model of mountains and bikers.

The time slot we went at, the Progressive stage was taken over by announcers and models for the paint job contests. There were many entires and were all on displayed out on the floor. All of which varied drastically in terms of bike shapes, colors and styles. No two were alike. It was really cool to see everyone's vision of their bikes, and so different from the ones the exhibitors were selling.

Unfortunately, one hour was not enough time to explore. We only saw half of the show, and didn't see many models :( However, it's still fun and I'll update with photos of me with the bikes when my friends send it to me! You can check out more photos I took at my flickr.

Little boys want to ride motorcycles too. He joined me when I was taking photos on the bike :P
Testing out the Kawasaki.
Sexy BMW....

Kawasaki water jets riding with Lori.
One of the winners of the custom paint contest. 
Interesting shaped bike from Star Motorcycles.
The little boy was an "exhibitor" :P 
Beautiful painted tank.
Painting station.
Reminds me of iron man haha...





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