Etude House Silky CC Cream Review & Photoshoot Photos

CC Cream has been the new craze in Asia when I visited this past summer. With so many different companies coming out with it, it's hard to choose which to get. Especially with the American market catching up, now there's even more!

Photos by Mark.
After a lot of research, and swatching in stores, I ended up getting the Etude House CC Cream in Silky. which had a matte finish. The other being, Glow, gives a more dewy finish. When I tried it on in stores, there wasn't much difference, but I only wore it for a few hours before I washed it off. So that might not have been that accurate of a comparison, plus my skin sin't too oily (I know dewy looks sometimes makes the skin look even more oily).

First off, it states it has a 8 in 1 benefit:
Wrinkle Care Essence + Stress Care Essence + Water Cream + UV Protect + Whitening Essence + Make-up Base + Primer + Glow Volumer
UV protection of 30/PA++
Comes in a tube of 35g

Before & After, sorry I look scary without make up haha!!!

What I liked about it:
  • Sunscreen, I don't have to apply an additional layer of product
  • Light weight, did not feel like it's going to clog my pores
  • Light/Medium coverage, it covered the red acne scars on my forehead and chin pretty well, though if you want extra, you would have to put on concealer
  • Whitening, made my face a shade lighter but still looked natural
  • Very Matte, as I dislike too dewy/oily look (even though that is trending now)
  • Light floral Scent
  • Comes with a pump, a lot more hygienic
  • Adjusts to your skintone, has little black and red beads in white cream that blends together
  • Easy to blend, not very streaky
  • Long Lasting
What I didn't like about it:
  • Not very moisturizing, therefore have to apply a layer of moisturizer beforehand
  • Powdery finish, not everyone might like this
  • Pump sometimes hard to push out product
With final make up.
Compared to a Taiwanese CC Cream (Beauty Mate, it's not a very big brand), Smashbox and Dr Dennis Gross (the above three were all travel size ones I tried), this is definitely my favorite. It makes my face a lot brighter and more glow, compared to the American brand ones that were more like tinted moisturizer and had now glow effect. It was was long lasting; I was out under the sun, and at midnight when I got home, my face still looked fresh. My second favorite was the Beauty Mate, but it had a more pink undertone, whereas this was more white. Funny, I think Asian brands really cater their CC Creams towards us Asian market, and the American brands formula doesn't.

How the cream looks.
However, my most favorite face product (BB, CC, foundation, tinted moisturizer, etc) in terms of lightness, color and staying power is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light. It is also matte, but a bit more moisturizing. The only downside is no SPF compared to the Etude House CC Cream.

Here are how it looks in studio and natural light, photos taken by Mark. I love these natural shots he took of me :) I do pre-order on the white dress and black sweater (comes in other colors too!), leave a comment below if you're interested!





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