2013 comes to an end...

Happly belated holidays/Christmas XD
Photography by AXL Photography (Alex Li)
One and a half day before the ball drops down in Times Square, and confetti will be flying everywhere, littering the streets of NYC. As the countdown nears, everyone is posting their best moments of instagram video. I am hopping on the bandwagon as well. More curious of which photos I had most likes (too lazy to scroll thru my page hehe) than anything else really.

Thanks for all the followers (almost at 1000!) and all the likes. I really didn't expect myself to get this much likes on photos (I'm not one of those instagram addicts that slaps hundreds of hashtags on each photos to increase views/likes). I just post  when I feel like it :P So big thank you to everyone <3

Photo by Calvin Lee

Here is the last photoshoot of 2013 for me. It was a mix of street wear with lingerie, something I've been falling in love with recently. So glad I had two photoshoots this year to do this! I'll post more photos from the two streetwear x lingerie photos when I get all the photos :)

Looking back on 2013, I have accomplished quite a few things!
- Graduated from FIT (four long years of "sweatshopping" until 2AM)
-Started blogging again
-Learned bridal make up
-Got my own dslr (60D babyyyy)
-Reached my goal of 1000 fans on facebook (again I don't go around advertising my page as much as I see other people do, so it means a lot to me!)
-Got some gigs so I can start earning some money :P

What I want to accomplish in 2014
-Be more committed to hitting the gym.
I don't care much about weight, but I would like to look more fit! And feel more energized.
-Start filming vlogs or just videos (with friends/collaborations) in general
-Work on my photoshop/photography skills.
My composition is OK, but when it comes to tonal editing and such, I fail :( lol
-Blog more (at least once a week! I'm such a slacker!!)
-Reach 2000 fans at least on facebook, so I can start selling posters (a goal I set for myself) and donate part of it to charity :)
-Open my own "real" online boutique (I sell some clothes online, but it's not imported specifically for my boutique, so hopefully I can start this year!) It is my dream job since high school (though I didn't tell much people about it, until now)

I'm sure I had a lot of other goals I anticipated myself to reach in 2014, but I don't recall it all right now... haha but these are my most important ones that I want to reach for myself! So might as well list it all here as a reminder to my lazy self! :P





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