{ holiday cheer } 'tis the season for red!


Holiday is the time of year where families and friends get together for some fun and food, just quality time to take off all the stress from this year's hard work :)

On Christmas day, I put together a casual yet dressy fuzzy sweater and houndstooth skirt outfit. For my sister's holiday party, I did a more feminine look. 'Tis the season for red (as if I need a reason to wear red... it's one of my favorite colors for my skin tone)! So I chose a box pleated dress covered with cording, creating an unexpected texture and detail. To keep it from being too bare, I threw over an oversized scarf as a stole. It actually worked really well as a blanket as I curled up on the sofa watching a movie haha.


The neutral hue of the scarf, balanced well with my new studded strap flats. As much as I wanted to buy the heeled version, flats is more ideal for me, as I can't wear heels often due to a back condition :( Which explains why most of my outfits are with flats. But who cares! Who says flats can't be just as chic and cute :)

My favorite part was the cute rhinestone necklace - the V shape reflects the sweetheart neckline of the dress. To finish off, I used a dainty translucent, faceted stone surrounded by rhinestones. Since the dress itself doesn't have much details besides the coding material, I used a cream belt with gold accents to break up the red.

Selfie with my newest baby - a mint camera!
Did everyone have fun and fulfilling holiday parties? :)





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