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I'm pretty sure everyone by now knows my undying love for sweets and pastries, so of course I've been wanting to try Ladurée for the longest time! There are two locations in NYC, one on Madison Ave, and one in Soho. Since we had to run some errands in Soho, we went to that location.

Upon entering, we were greeted by a display of bright, delectable array of sweets. 😍 Seriously, all colors of the spectrum were present! I wanted to try them all, but of course my stomach and butt will hate me after, so I practiced some self-control. 😂

Luckily for us, we were able to be seated fairly quickly since a table for two had a short wait time at the time we went. We ordered the Tarte Passion Framboise, four macarons and a cup of macchiato. The Tarte Passion Framboise was a sweet pastry made of smooth passion fruit cream topped with fresh raspberries on a crust. It was the perfect blend of sweet and tang, not too heavy of each taste, thus creating a very balanced palette of flavors.

We chose pistachio, chocolate, coffee and rose (of course my choice 😜) for the macarons. I'm usually really picky when it comes to chocolate desserts, but I loved it! It was quite smooth and rich in taste. The pistachio captured the unique essence of the nut, and the coffee had just the right amount of coffee flavor so that it wasn't too bitter.

Surprisingly, the rose one had no scent, but each bite was so aromatic, we felt like we were almost eating rose fragrant soap. However, I did like it haha. Do I have weird taste buds? Or am I just biased towards rose flavored treats? I can see why they are so famous for their macaron. Compared to all the macrons I've tried, theirs really were the best. They were not too sweet and had the right amount of texture – crisp exterior, and smooth, creamy interior. So mouth watering!

The macchiato was a bit smaller than I thought, but oh the taste! Each sip was strong, so you really get a bang in caffeine and taste. It also came with chocolate to counter the slightly bitter taste.

The whole store was really well designed, each room had a different vibe. In the front room, across from the counter were giant mirrors with curtains draped at the sides. It had a bright, and cheery atmosphere from all the natural lighting and light colored walls. In the center room were plush royal blue velvet sofas against mint colored walls, matching the store front. While the back tea room had beautiful chandeliers and large, windowed doors, leading to their garden seating area.

I definitely want to go back to try their lunch menu! 💕





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