Think you know all about the iconic N°5 fragrance? Well, at this Meatpacking exhibit, you get a first hand experience on an in-depth lesson of the renowned perfume through a sensorial journey.

First, hear Coco Chanel whisper to you about her secrets of the perfume.

Turn a corner, and you get to interact with two pools of flower petals from the middle floral fragrances of the perfume - rose and jasmine. As you wave your arms above the water, the petals give way to facts about the cultivation of the flowers, such as "N°5 uses only May rose from Grasse, France, known as the birthplace of perfumery."

Then hear the sounds of the composition. Wave your arms over lights, each creates a different music notes that also bounces the corresponding note onto the wall. It also makes you look like you're about to be abducted by aliens! Floral scented aliens.

Abstraction was a beautiful visual masterpiece of pexiglass coated in different colors. With a singular beam of light, it creates various lines against the wall.

Lastly, you'll finally be really abducted by the aliens (Chanel aliens!) by walking into a HUGE Chanel N°5 shaped portal... Just kidding! You get greeted by the scent of the perfume through the N°5 shaped cutout.

After the 10 minute exhibit, model looking brand ambassadors will walk you through four variations of the N°5 perfume. You also get to take home a small vial sample! Although the journey was certainly entertaining, the best part was creating your own postcards to send to friends or take home! I think I went overboard making different postcards hahahaha... my poor friend that accompanied me asked me if I wanted takeout since we planned on pizza after the exhibit!

It was certainly a fun experience, interacting with different stations to learn about this classic fragrance you always hear references about, but might not know the history and story behind it. You also get a treat of beautiful rose petals floating on black screens to create the bottle itself, or use it as a backdrop for selfies! If this exhibit pops up in your area in the future, definitely check it out!





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