Dreams | Cloud Dress in the Snow

Three days ago, the first blizzard of the month, nicknamed Storm Niko, decided to pay Northeast US a visit. It left the city in a beautiful dream like state. Being inspired by the MET Unpacking Fashion exhibit's dusty blue tulle Viktor & Rolf dress, I took out my own cloud like dress from Tobi to go for a spin in the snow storm with.

Like a heartbeat drives you mad
In the stillness of remembering
What you had
In the stillness of the city as the snow comes down, everything seems so surreal and magical. Memories can come flooding in. I love that line in the song Dreams – "like a heartbeat drives you mad" – actually I just think all the lyrics is really great. It's by two UK artists with hauntingly beatiful voices, and is one of the tracks for Reign, which is returning soon. Yes, I'm a sucker for history inspired TV shows.

I love the heavy weight lace, it has so much details and texture to it than the usual dainty lace dresses I wear. Horsehair braid at the hem helps give it the bell shape that's so romantic. The baby blue color really stood out against the white canvas of snow.

Last summer, I paired it with a light weight shawl for a night out look. For a contrasting winter date look, I draped my Bebe faux fur coat over it. As much as I would've loved to wear a pair of beautiful stilettos heels, it wouldn't be wise to trudge through the snow with it. I'll freeze my toes off and probably trip over myself before any shots is taken. Though that would make for a great photo wouldn't it...

The heeled thigh high boots was the perfect solution – kept most of my legs warm, and stylish enough to go with the outfit. Instead of wearing a black one as usual, I opted for a dark suede grey, so it's soft texture and a less harsh color won't take away from the pastel colored dress.





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