dance of the cherry blossoms

The delicate cherry blossoms needs to be nurtured under the optimal environment. It elegantly dances and sways with the rain, but when it rains, the delicate petals lose its grip and we lose its beauty for the year. That's why we must cherish its fleeting beauty - which is how the Japanese relates it to life, brief and beautiful. (photos above by Tom Weng & Eddie Chen)

(photos above by Alvin Lim)

Every year I have my annual (sometimes two) shoots with cherry blossoms, and save my most beautiful dress for that occasion! If you follow my style, you can tell I love ombre, as I use it a lot in my designs. I love how the dress flows in the wind, as if the fabric can dance. And when I say short lived beauty, I really meant it - after this shoot, I went back two weeks later, all the petals were on the ground, creating a sea of pink.

This first cherry blossom shoot was thanks to Alvin, who put in a lot of time to organize a big meetup for photographers & models to enjoy the beautiful spring day together, basking in elegance of the pink flowers. I love every single photo - it shows a different mood created by the vibe between the different photographer and me. Each tells a different story - fragile, strong, dark, contemplation, and more.

(photos above by Roison Chan)

(photo by Liang Kuang)

(photos by Alvin Lim)





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