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I used to dislike wearing grey - I thought it to be depressing and lifeless. As the years went by, I realized how mature and sophisticated it can look, with the right shades of course! Hence why my recent looks and many of my upcoming posts features grey hues.

I was drawn to this sweater immediately. The gray dripping down to the black on a blanket of fluffy, fuzzy yarn knit, complete with flecks of gold. It was a different, interesting look, and I knew I had to have it! To me it was like paint dripping down, to my coworker it was the city skyline reflection. I love both interpretations! Then we have one of my favorite coats. I bought it on sale, and they only had medium left.  I was worried about how big it'll look, if I'll look old in grey (this was before my grey addiction began). To my happy surprise when it arrived, I actually loved the over size look of it, and the fluffy shearling is so warm! It's good to take the chance and try a different style every once in awhile.

You'll think these were leather panels in a pair of fashion leggings, but these are actually meant as activewear! I just love wearing them as my daily pants since I have to bend and do all crazy angles when I do photography for work. Or maybe I'm just a lazy butt and refuse to wear jeans because they are so stiff D:< So I think it's become a habit of me to take a piece meant to be worn one way, and wear it fo r nother. The earcuffs were meant for the earlobes, but I thought "hey since the curve is the same as the top of my ears, and I have a piercing there, why not wear it there?!" It all worked out! Mhm.

Thanks to my workout buddy Eileen for taking these shots, late at night after our mall and Target run!





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