Event | The Balvenie Rare Craft Collection by Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain curated the Balvenie Rare Craft Collection to bring together creative people of different crafts. They showcased their work, and explained what got them to do it, interesting facts about what they do and more. We also got to try out the chiseling station, and of course try out Balvenie whiskey! It was a fun experience, and also educating. I learn new things about whiskey - how they're aged, there's doublewood process, and more. 

What's great is how each professional came from different part of the states, as well as the world! Each person had their own stories and showed their personality through their work - such as the sculptor artist. Instead of sculpting a famous man, he chose Mario as it represented his childhood and something the viewers can relate to. He also mentioned how he came from a non-artistic family, but they supported his ambition in the creative field which is great!

The watch makers showed us how tedious it is, but how the detailed outcome is so worth it! The machine to engrave the designs on the watch's face has different knobs that let's him draw on lines, spaces and more.

Here, he walked us through the back history of the whiskey, and how some are "doublewood" process. Meaning, it is first aged in one type of wooden barrel, then transferred to a different one at the very end for a few months for a different "kick" of flavour. When I tried it, you really can taste the difference and spice-ness of each one, not only by the type of barrel but the length it is aged.





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