Lueur d'espoir | floral organza skirt & white cropped top

Lueur d'espoir | Glimmer of hope

"All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost." - J. R. R. Tolkien

I had all my photos edited during my break at work. I thought that way I can upload and work on my blog post right away when I got home. Or so I thought... To my dismay, my card has actually become damaged and unreadable! I posted a SOS status on Facebook, asking anyone to help me with my sad sad situation. A few people sent me suggestions, but luckily at the end of the day my photographer friend had a program that helped me recover my files. Too bad it too a long time to recover, so I couldn't get it until almost a week later and now I can finally re-edit my photos and upload!

However, this taught me a few things, ALWAYS back up your photos after you have taken it!! Also, to have hope. Some people told me I have no chance of recovering and just format my card, which I have been avoiding to do as I know that means I would have NO WAY to access my files at all. Therefore not everything is always lost, always give it a try to see if you can find what you need to find. In my case, my patience paid off :)

On my girls day out with my bestie, I wore my current favorite type of style - cropped mock neck knitted top (similar), with a cute flared skirt. I love the ivory floral pattern on the blue, poofy organza. Made me feel like a fluffy cloud~

To keep my skirt the main point, I used the simple jewelry set I received in my Rocksbox set. I love how this time, everything really goes together in terms of the styling. The lovely, minimalistic Sophie Harper Gold Bar Layer Necklace, went perfectly with the two Gorjana pieces. I love how cute the Gorjana Olympia studs were, and how the G Ring Hammered Texture ring can be stacked altogether, or worn on different fingers. To tie it up, I wore a camel Steve Madden gladiator sandals with gold studs to match the gold toned jewelry. The neutral camel elongated the legs, and was really comfortable to walk around in!

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