Films | The Last Witch Hunter Movie Premiere & Screening

What if witches still lived amongst us? We wouldn't know since the Axe and Cross keeps the witches who uses their power on humans in check.

Vin Diesel plays Kaulder, a man who lead a group to kill the Witch Queen in hopes of ending the Black Death, which has taken his beloved wife and daughter away from him. Although he successfully kills her, she curses him with immortality, cursing him to walk the earth alone, to never see his family in the afterlife.

When the only way to bring his friend and councilmen Dolan the 36th out of his death like state is to kill the witch that placed the curse, he unveils a more deadly motive behind the witch's plans. It led him to meet Chloe (played by the stunning Leslie Rose who I LOVED in Game of Thrones "You know nothing, Jon Snow!"), and then... I don't think I should say anymore or I'll spoil the whole movie!

What I liked about the movie was how they blend in mythology and modern day interpretation of fantasy together. Fantasy, magic, mythology and the like are right up my alley. Growing up, I loved Harry Potter, Xena, Hercules, and Lord of the Ring. Of course, I love and religiously watch Game of Thrones now. So of course I couldn't pass up a ticket to watch this movie. Vin Diesel is Dungeons and Dragons player, and has said his character design was somewhat based on his D&D character Melkor, a Witch Hunter. At the premiere, he said he was a Tolkien Fan, so of course you can see those fantasy elements in it. It's fun to see that actors are just like us!

My friend and I had the honor of chatting with the set/production designer, and she mentioned how they also used viking mythology to create Kaulder. To me, he also reminded me of the wildings in Game of Thrones (Leslie Rose appearance might also led me to think of GoT. Don't forget that big tree! It reminded me of the tree Bran was searching for). Although it had details that reminded me of other series, this movie was not based on any books, games, board games, etc. It was all original, which is another big plus!

I love the way memories were shot, the lighting was beautiful and all the scenes were edited and cut well. The memories sequence really makes you feel sorry for him, but also feel peaceful at the same time. Besides the nice directing and editing, the set itself and all the trinkets were very detailed, such as the stones for controlling weather, his sword and even the leather wrap that the designer said took a day to draw/write in all the details on it! The costumes during the fashion show was beautifuuuuul. Also, pay attention to details and things he says, because it'll show up again later on! So it's fun to play with all the different elements in this movie.

Also, check out this beautiful and haunting cover of "Paint it Black" by Ciara:





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