Winter Wonderland | Lace Up Top & Asymmetrical Skirt

I adore how beautiful the whole city becomes after a snow storm – streets and trees coated in white, fluffy snowflakes is just so serene. That is until the dogs come out to frolic in it, or cars run through it. But before that, it's definitely a lovely time to prance around in the soft, white carpet!

What I love about lace up tops is the different ways you can close up the ties. Instead of tying a regular knot to finish with, I looped it around my neck to create a seamless lace up look. It's certainly sexier looking than the traditional bow. I paired the cropped top with an asymmetrical skirt, and black printed tights to help keep warm. To keep the wind from attacking my legs, I wore two layers, a nude under the black, it's a real life saver for any girls that love wearing tights in the winter! A simple black pair of booties elongates the legs.

Of course, I can't go without a nice coat to stay warm in! I finally took out my favorite winter white trench jacket this year. The magical white snow backdrop was the perfect background to feature it in. My favorite part is the big collar, which can either be worn opened or buttoned on one side for a draped, asymmetrical look.

To complete this stark contrasting look of light and dark, I used my favorite Guess satchel. Its color block design of ivory, taupe and brown is so elegant and unique.

Thanks to my photographer for braving in the cold snow day to get me these photos! 😘 

I'm also surprised how well the iPhone 7/plus camera is! These were taken solely with it since my micro 4/3 camera lens broke. With the depth feature, it really does help blur out the background! And luckily it's water resistant, so I wasn't too worried about shooting during the snow storm. Well, I did feel bad for the photographer's poor cold hands haha, but he got one photo too 😛

Bonus pic of me laughing for once 😛





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