Review | Célefit Cushion Pact & Finish Powder

Summer time is always the worst time for my skin. I break out easier due to my combination skin type (oilier on T-zone), and then I would look shiny midday and would run away from cameras. Luckily for me, Célefit Designfit Upderm Cushion Pact and Perfect Selpic Finish Powder exists for combating those problems!

The first thing that attracted me to the brand was the elegant, beautiful packaging. Both products felt very sturdy and well made. They had a very faint scent so it didn't feel nauseating.

I love the rose gold color edging the black cover of the Célefit Designfit Upderm Cushion Pact. There's a convenient mirror when you open it, a spot for the sponge, and when you lift that up, you get the actual cushion pact. I got the shade 21, which is the perfect shade for me. It's not too light that I'll look ghostly (though I do like look like a vampire), but brightens up my skin just enough. It's also in a neutral shade, it doesn't lean too warm or too cool.

It has a light to medium coverage, depending on if you put on one or two layers. Since I've been breaking out recently, I used two layers. It gave a very natural, translucent finish, which I loveee. Makes me look more awake! It didn't cover the dark circles or acne spots as well as I would've liked, but it's easily fixed with some concealer.

Then, to finish up the look, I topped the Perfect Selpic Finish Powder all over my face. It's indeed an appropriate name for this product - perfect selpic, look how well it photographs in my selfie. It smoothed out my skin probably due to light reflecting properties.

It was so finely milled I couldn't tell if any product came out of the sponge-like dispenser. Which is a good thing though, because it made it look as if I had no powder foundation on! In that regard, I kind of wish it was an open container where I use a brush to dust over my face so I know how much product I've used. On the other hand, this was a lot less messy than traditional loose powder containers, and easier for traveling or touch ups. Though I didn't need any, since it lasted well through the day and night.

As you can see, it blended really well int my skin tone. I would definitely recommend both base products if you have a similar shade as me!





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