New me, new blog.

I used to use judyhimechan as my username for blogs, tumblrs, etc, but that was when I was still into the cutesy Japanese style. Ever since about two years ago, I've been searching for the real me, the one that really feels like me. Sure cutesy was fun, but I wasn't feeling myself. Finally, after a lot of life experiences and exploring different styles, I've been shaped into this new mature Judy.

I'm in my last semester of intimate apparel design at Fashion Institute of Technology, wherein we have to create a collection as our senior thesis. I've always been fond of "ma cherie" meaning, my dear. Maybe because it is my favorite shampoo, or the name itself just sounds so beautiful, so I've used that as my collection name. The more I said it, the more I loved it so I decided to use that as my new blog name, so it would read my dear, Judy.

Now that I've completed my second look for my thesis, the last one (bias gown) shouldn't be too bad (although I am making myself another gown for myself simultaneously, call me crazy), I should have more time to blog. Here I can share with everyone my designing, modeling, photography and make up artist journey. Those are the four things I love to do and share with the world.

xo. judy





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My passion lies within fashion! I love every aspect of it - from styling, designing, creating, shooting to even the details of makeup and accessory. This blog is for me to share with everyone my journey through all these hobbies (and work!) of mine. Hope you'll enjoy browsing my #10seclookbooks, photography and creations :)