Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case & Snow Photos

New York City is once again hit by a snowstorm, so I cooked up another snow inspired makeup for a photoshoot with a photographer friend. I've been dying to find the perfect opportunity to try out my new Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case set I got at Sephora's sale. This was it!

I wanted a very frosty look, more so than my previous one, so the silvers in the palette was perfect. It was a lot more pigmented than the Sephora baked eyeshadows. It showed up on my lips a lot better as well.

These are all shot by myself, which is a bit difficult as I had to hold it at arm's length, thus producing these cropped shots. However, I do kind of like the mysteriousness of it! 

Here's a preview of the photo from the shoot! We wanted a furry, Ice Queen look.

This set contains 0.03 oz x 5 Eyeshadows at the top tier
Redemption - deep gunmetal satin (used at outer corner)
Fray - warm mauve matte (used as base)
Vaporize - deep metallic gray-taupe shimmer (used at center of lids)
Provocateur - light metallic mauve shimmer with multidimensional micro-glitter
Revolt - bright metallic silver shimmer with silver micro-glitter (used at inner corner of eyes and lips)

On the bottom tier is 0.10 oz x 2 Blush
Fetish - mauve-pink
Quickie - bright pink (on cheeks)

and 0.05 oz Highlighter in Craze - pale gold shimmer (on bridge of nose)

It also came with 0.01 oz Super-saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Scandal - bright metallic raspberry shimmer, and 0.03 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Perversion - blackest black matte

I haven't tried the lip gloss or eye pencil (but tried another color and love its staying power), but will update the post when I do.

The case is very beautiful, and separating the eyeshadows and blush keeps it a lot cleaner. The slots for the eyeliner and lip gloss is very useful for a whole face kit on the go. Just keep a separate brush case and you're good to go!

When I first tried the eyeshadows in store, using fingers to apply it did have some fallout. But when I tried it yesterday with a brush, it worked fine with almost no fallout. I love the pigmentation of it, very rich and shimmery. Love the colors of the eyeshadows!

The blushes on the other hand are way too pigmented for me, the bright pink made me look like a clown. The mauve had to apply with a light hand, and then used another light powder over it to tone it down. The highlighter was average.

So for me, only the top tier was useful to me, I have to figure ways around to make the second tier work. Since it was on sale for $29 and I had a 20% coupon for sale items at the time, it was quite worth it! Especially since I wanted a deep black matte eye liner. I have it in Zero which is more off black. I'm quite worried the lip gloss will be too bright though. So overall I only recommend this to those that like more pigmented eyeshadows and blushes.





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