Ava YuKiu 雨僑 NYC Concert

Ava YuKiu (雨僑) flew from Hong Kong to New York City for a few concerts throughout February. She debuted in 2009 and have became famous for modeling, acting, singing and a Youtube beauty guru. Basically everything I want to be, but will never be hahahahha :P

I was lucky to photograph her last concert on February 10, 2014 at Asian Jewels Seafood Restaurant in Flushing, NY. This was my first time photographing a Chinese concert, and this set up was different from all concerts I've seen in Chinese restaurants. The stage, rather than being in the front, was situated right smack in the center of the audience. So as they enjoyed their delicious meal, they can look towards center for some great singing performance. It's like those real stage concerts, plus the food, which is always a plus as this restaurant served dishes such as lobster salad, duck meat, etc.

Not only do they get some eye and ear candy from Ava, they also get to play games with her during the raffle session. Some games included word games, see who can call the cellphone number the fastest, and more. In between her performances and games, they had some local singers perform as well; Amos Leo, Paige Lai, Danniew Xunxin Li and Jack Chau.

Amos Leo, guest singer and host.
Danniew Xunxin Li, singer.
Paige Lai, singer & production team.
Jack Chau, singer
It was a fun concert, and allowed fans to get up close with Ava. During some of her songs, she would walk around and with a red envelope, the fans were allowed to take photos with her. She sang some of her own songs, as well as covers of popular Mandarin and Cantonese song. Her voice was just as beautiful and sweet as her looks. I can see how she became famous for that and her beauty channel!

Becky Wu, host, and Bibi Foo, assisted the raffle. 
Me next to the beautiful Ava. Photo credit Peshean Zhang.
The team!





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