Bradelis New York Lingerie Fashion Week 2014 Show

Bradelis returns with their new fashion show to kick start Lingerie Fashion Week 2014! Held at a different venue this year, we get to enjoy the city lights on the 14th floor as we await the fashion show. They also had a lot more booths by the reception where you can check out products from Shibue Couture, Soak (hand wash detergent), boudoir photography, Monster Always,and a photobooth provided by Always. I'll talk about all of these in a separate post. Photos are by Judy C Yang & AXL Photography.

I own this bra, and love it! Once at a photoshoot I used it for, the make up artist was gushing at how sexy it was!
Although it was supposed to start at 7:30, they delayed the fashion show to ensure all the guests were checked in and in the show hall. Everyone chatted about excitedly and didn't sit down until the show actually began. I was kind of suprised it began out of no where, there was no signal like in other shows where they would dim the lights and relight to have everyone's attention. However, as soon as the model strutted down, everyone's eyes were peeled to the center.

The opening piece was a ivory bra with black embroidery, making it pop against the model's fair skin. Florals of all kinds, flirty pinks, minty blues, sexy black lace, elegant whites came down the runway in bra and panty sets, babydolls, camis and shapewear. I was very happy to see that they've added in shapewear as it shows the variety Bradelis offers in their stores, though I wish they could've included a bit more and maybe some robes. Compared to last year's, I think this year's color story was much more cohesive and looked really nice together. Last year had orange, purple, reds, hot pinks, browns, it was a bit all over the place. This year also had me lusting for the minty blue bra set! The color is really gorgeous! It's also great that they kept all the makeup, heels and hair the same for all models, though I wish they would've put the model's hair to the back so it's not blocking parts of the bra.

Going on my wishlist! :)

Besides having a variety of garments, they also had a variety of models - tall, short, skinny, toned, brunettes, blondes, and different bust sizes. Although some were smaller than others, each model's bust shape was perfect thanks to Bradelis' bra's shaping function. I know since I own some as well ;) What's great is that they all had different personalities as well, so it wasn't clones marching down the runway. Some girls wore a sweet smile, some were flirty as they winked at us, and some were just so sultry! I was just a bit disappointed that they didn't include any Asian models since they are a Japanese company, a lot of their customers are Asians looking to adjust their bust. It would be nice to show how their bras work just as well on Asians, as it did for the Caucasian models.

I overheard a girl point out how the back of the panties was very low compared to other brands. This was because of Bradelis' shaping purposes! It helps lift the bottom, and also panties that have much lower leg line like their's are almost seamless when you wear tight dresses as compared to bikini cuts. So although the back might look for more older customer, the front's design is very beautiful with their intricate lace and details matching their bras.

When the show was over, we were all waiting for the presentation but none of the models came out, so we all just crowded around the runway entrance taking pictures with the Bradelis sign.

I thought my dress was fitting for this runway show :P
It wasn't until everyone went back to the reception hall that I realized all the photographers were gathered around in another room. That's where the models raised up on pedestals in a V formation for us to photograph and have a closer look of the pieces. This is something I really enjoy about lingerie fashion show as opposed to those sportswear - we get a closer look at the pieces because when it comes down the runway it happens so fast we can't take in all the details.

My favorite model out of all of them, she's so elegant yet sexy!

Overall it was a great success just like last time, everyone talked about it excitedly afterwards. It was also great how the staff that helped me out on my last few visits at the shop remember me and chatted with me. Talk about great customer service! Looking forward to see them again in summer's Lingerie Fashion week!

You can visit their Facebook page here for more info!





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