Panda Cafe Elmhurst Review

Located on the busy streets of Broadway, Panda Cafe is one of the newer cafe additions to Elmhurst, NY. Opened til late, and offering a variety of choices to share, it's great spot for enjoying a late night snack with friends.

Like many bubble tea stores, they have a reward card to collect a free bubble tea from there extensive list of flavors and toppings. Matching their name, you can find their cute mascot in pastel colors on their paper cups. You can order hot or cold drinks for all flavors, and choose your level of sweetness. My favorite is the Rose Milk Tea. Ordering it hot, you can really taste the floral fragrance!

With combos, you get an affordable meal set. Not too hungry? You can also order from their single Taiwanese style snacks and dishes menu. One of their signature and unique dishes is the paper pot, with your choice of soup and meat. Their Wild Alaskan Salmon fillet has been marinated in their special spice sauce for hours, yet it wasn't overwhelmingly spicy. Unlike other noodle dishes I've had, the waiter poured creamy Broccoli cheese sauce over the chewy udon. Paired with the piquant Salmon fillet, it created a unique fusion of Western and Eastern flavors.

The Caesar Box was just like Japanese style tonkatsu chicken, served with shredded cabbage and corn in their special sauce. Coated with bread crumbs, the chicken was fried to the perfect amount of crispiness. The Taro fries were largely cut pieces of taro, and seasoned similar to their salt and pepper crispy chicken with a hint of sweetness. Sweet potato fries are fresh and sweet, and between Taro and Sweet Potato, I would recommend the sweet potato. 

My most recommended snack that I always come back to eat is the Crispy Chicken. You can pick between the original salt and pepper or jalapeno hot seasoning. Either one went well with the tender chicken meat, and crispy skin, just like the ones from Taiwan night markets.

Panda cafe is a super cute cafe that I bring all my friends to try out their delicious and reasonably priced food and drinks.  Their staff are very friendly, and the food are prepared promptly. From their opening until now, they have constantly added new combinations and decorations. So stop by to try their unique dishes of Taiwanese style food and bubble tea!

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