Oyster Bay | Sexy Little Black Monokini

Shot by Tim Chen, edited by AXL Photography.
Shot by Tim Chen, edited by me.
Unfortunately, summer's ending is just around the corner (and sorry for not posting in a long time! Was caught up with lots of work this past month). Did you catch enough waves this year? I sure did on my trip to Bermuda, (OK who am I kidding, how could I have had enough of the beaches in Bermuda...) but in back in NY, I didn't go as much as I've liked. 

When my friends decided to gather a group to go to Oyster Bay, I jumped in with them. I've been to another beach in Oyster Bay, but this one was interesting. Instead of sand near the waterline, it as little pebbles. It's great so I don't have sand stuck in my toes and legs, but bad because laying on it felt like little beads stuck in my skin LOL

Unfortunately #summer is coming to an end soon! So time to hit the #beach before it's too late! My #JCYstyle #10seclookbook featured a #sexy #little #black #monokini~ more photos up on http://bit.ly/oysterbayx

Shot by Tim Chen, edited by me.
Shot by Tim Chen, edited by me.
I love capturing the sunset, especially at the beach. The yellow rays cast a beautiful golden hue over the relaxing blues, creating a very romantic and magical mood. What I love about this monokini is the details!! These photos also allowed me to practice more photoshopping~ I was inspired by SISTAR's newest MV "I Swear" for the color toning.
credit to the owner who created it, if it's yours please let me know so I can credit you!
The song is so catchy, I kept clicking on the replay button. I'm thinking of doing a lookbook inspired by their outfits... but I have so much videos in queue to edit, so I'll see! Anyways, my point is their videographer/photographer did a great job at the filming haha. Loved it.

Shot & edited by me.

Beach Sundays~ #10seclookbook soon and full body pics on my blog http://bit.ly/judycyangx xoxo

Hope you all enjoyed your share of summer fun!





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