"What If" Premiere with Daniel Radcliffe

Last year, I had a "Harry Potter" Marathon, rewatching my the series I grew up with. Watching the stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint grow up in 1179 minutes is always fun. I had a friend who watched it backwards to see them shrink!

Red carpet. Unfortunately I missed out when Daniel was on it, I was too far in the line to catch a glimpse of him :(
Red carpet interviews.
So when my friend Stu invited me to go see the premiere of "What If", starring Daniel Radcliffe I obviously had to go! It's actually my first post-"Harry Potter" movie of his, because, sorry, in my mind I see him as Harry haha... But this movie actually turned it around for me. I saw him as Wallace, the guy with mesmerizing eyes that "you get lost in" (quote from Z100's Garrett) and his sexy accent. Great performance by Daniel, and all the cast. At first I didn't like the cast choice for Chantry (Zoe Kazan), but you fall in love with her cute puppy like face, and really root for them to get together.

#DanielRadcliffe on the movie #WhatIf ! Love his eyes and accent! My thoughts on the movie coming soon to my blog http://bit.ly/judycyangx

As Radcliffe puts it, the story line is very balanced between the guy's and girl's side. Although it is told more from Wallace's point of view, you still see the struggle from Chantry's feelings. What I like about it is that it's not a cheesey or very fake romantic story, but very well thought out romantic comedy. The jokes were funny, the cast had great chemistry and I love the animation they incorporated in, to show Chantry's feeling since she an animator. And most importantly, it asks the question every one has "can men and women really just be friends?". Is it hard to have platonic friendship? Or spending too much time with each other cause confusion.

Front row seaters were lucky to see him up close! I should've stayed down there but my neck would've died watching the movie haha. My friend says he came out of an upside down pokeball haha. I love Garrett's responses to the audience question, especially when one girl said Harry Potter instead of Daniel Radcliffe. And when people ask if Daniel will come out, he says "I'm not sure if it's the Daniel you're looking for, but what if it is?"
It's a great summer film to watch with your significant other, because it really shows that when something is great you try all means to keep it together, and not let it fall apart. So what if you give the movie a try? You might just like it ;)

She played Nicole in the movie, Allan's wife.





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