{ Red Door } Shift Dress with an Edge

Last outfit post for my birthday outfit, many of my friends loved the elegant shift dress, so this time I brought out another shift dress to play with. However, I threw in a bit of edge with it. It still had the high neck collar, but instead of the sophisticated, beaded details, it had a caged embroidered style. I thought it's so unique! 

A body's shape is hidden by the wide silhouette of the dress. I brought back the waistline with a belt, the pointed edge followed the shape of the sweetheart neckline, pulling the eyes down to my caged sandals. 

Lately, I love pulling my hair towards one side and tucking the flat side behind my ears, kind of reminds me of those hairstyle where one side is shaved. I think I can pull it off, don't you think? :P Just kidding, I think I'll cry if for some odd reason I decide to shave part of my head haha. Anyways, by pulling most of the hair to one side, it can show off a cool earring like this one I got from Alex and Chole x Forever 21 collaboration a few years back.

Since there were a lot of details already, i used a simple crossbody bag to complete the ensemble. 

Dress - Forever21
Rings - Mixed
Earring - Forever21 Alex and Chole Collaboration
Sandals - Forever21 (similar one, two)





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