touch of spain | off shoulder loose ruffle dress / 100 Montaditos food review

A couple weeks back, my three good girl friends and I decided to try 100 Montaditos. Surprisingly for me, my outfit really matched the location! So of course I whipped out my camera and asked Mary to give me my photo op :P

I love the off shoulder design of the top, but because it's straight cut dress, there was no shape and hid my body. Luckily, I had just the right gold belt that went with the gold charms on the neckline. Every time I moved, it will create music, so it's a really fun dress to wear! To keep the attention to the dress, I had a simple nude shoes that paired well with the nude pink crossbody.

As the name of the store already hinted, they serve Montaditos - Spanish sandwiches, which help me name my outfit. The ruffles already reminded me of Spanish dresses, thus I thought of a touch of Spain.
I'm a cat, staring out into the world~

The menu was quite extensive and ranged from the sandwiches to salads and different appetizers. We tried two platters - Meat Lovers Collection and Black Label Collection, two appetizers and a mimosa to share amongst the three of us. Another friend joined later to help us finish because it was wayyy too much carbs! The alcohol didn't help and we all got food coma afterwards.

The sandwiches were super filling as the bread was thick and had a lot of ingredients inside. I really like how the bread was a bit crunchy, it adds to the texture. We all loved the calamari, which we finish instantly. They enjoyed the potato, but I wasn't a fan of it.

After I felt like I gained 5 pounds instantly (not a bad thing since it was tasty), we walked around SoHo to wake ourselves up and feel less guilty about devouring all those food. We hit Victoria's Secret and I had to snap the new Fearless perfume display, it's so pretty! The bottle itself is gorgeous (I'm a perfume collector!). Mary saw the wings and told me to stand in front of it haha. Then I got thirsty and found a huge bottle at Duane Reade hehehe

Since I got a kitty recently, we all went into Petco and clamored around the adoption section where I snapped away at the cute cats there. If I had a big house and lots of money I would take in more of the cute cats ; 0 ; Did I mention I love kitty paws?





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