Travel | Throwback Thursday to Hollywood & Santa Monica

The weather past few days made me miss my trip to LA last year during late autumn. Late autumn in NYC is already really chilly, but there the weather was perfect. I can dress the way I want and not be cold, well until it gets really late... but in NYC? Forget about it. I'll be bundled up in tights and furry coats right away.

When I flew to the West Coast, I visited several cities, Santa Monica being one of them. It's such a beautiful place - we walked along the road by the beach, and visited the shopping center. There was both indoors and outdoor strip, and my favorite Sephoraaaaa. In which I sheepishly bought some makeup tools... Anyways! Besides that, there was a really awesome glass sitting area meant for eating and chatting, but I decided to do a photo session instead. I really love this Forever 21 Bodycon Offshouder dress - it's very alluring and the panels gives it more shape.

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We ate at an Asian fusion restaurant in the mall. The presentation was really nice, though the portion for the price and the flavor was less than desirable. However, the waiters were all really polite and it was a nice atmosphere, so it wasn't too bad.

After a final stroll around Santa Monica, we went to visit Hollywood. I thought it would be buzzing with tourists and excitement, like Times Square is, but I was really wrong! To my disappointment, there weren't many people walking around. We wanted to check out the Chinese Theater, but it was roped off for some event. Unfortunately I never got around to visiting it again during my trip.

So instead, we walked around and found Marilyn Monroe in which I must take a photo since we have similar beauty mark :P There was yet again another mall! This time with really cool steps that leads you to my favorite... Sephora! And also a pretty fake bed and tree decoration that I used as a studio space again. Hey it makes great bokeh! :) Even though Hollywood wasn't what I thought it to be (at least I saw the stars and handprints on the floor), it was a nice place to visit. I really want to go back to the west coast again sometime to be greeted with the nice weather and beautiful sceneries. 





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