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My first dessert trip of the year was with my bestie to the new and bigger location (just a few stores down from the original :P) of Sugar Club in Elmhurst. It's a Thai bakery and grocery store, and in the center of the store was the dessert island! My post is geared towards this said dessert island, because you know... I love desserts!

They had a variety of honey toasts, waffle, toasts and other salty snacks. Sorry I forgot to take a photo of their cutely drawn menu. However, I remember there was about three different choices of honey toast - the original which came with a choice of ice cream and a fruit, the golden toast which had bananas and mangos, and the honey town which had a small glass of honey and chocolate wafer stick on top. We chose the original with the green tea ice cream.

You can see how thick the toast was sliced! It was cut into nine pieces, and presently on a cutting board. The presentation was simple, but very adorable! I love the "composition" with the toast at an angle, a scoop of ice cream over a small glass jar containing oreo crumbs at the bottom, whipped cream, half sliced banana and an adequate amount of whipped cream. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Fortunately for me, the toast itself was not drenched in honey, rather it was coated in just the right amount so that it won't be unbearably sweet for me. With sliced almonds sprinkled on top, it creates some crunchy texture, imitating that of the oreo crumbs and ice cream. The banana was fresh, and all the tastes went really well together.

It was $8 for this combination, the golden was $10 and town edition was $12. It's a decent price as it was the perfect amount for two people to share a dessert. The cafe area was really homey - the wooden tables and chairs by the huge windows so that light poured in, making the whole store appear even more spacious. It's also nice that they have a children's table and play area on the side, making it family friendly. 

All the cashiers and dessert creators (is that what I call them!?) were super friendly! The lady who made our toast came by to check on us, and would answer any question should we have any. It was a really great experience, and I would for sure bring more friends over to try their other desserts. The couple next to us had an interesting salty snack; it was a half cooked egg with other condiments in a small frying pan. Again, such unique presentation and it looked soooo good!






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