2015 Winter Storm Juno


Since yesterday, everyone anticipated about one to three feet of snow. It led to the shutdown of the city, where all non emergency vehicles were to be off the road by 11 PM, and the MTA service halted as well. At 11 PM, there wasn't much snowfall but the forecast predicted it to be heavy when we're all asleep... Well I slept around 2AM and it wasn't bad at all. I decided to call it a night and thought I'll wake up to deep piles of snow everywhereeee. But it turns out, it wasn't that much in NYC.

It's the perfect occasion to use my em michelle phan's Winter Life Ice Bunny palette! It's so pigmented and brightens my eyes instantly. I love that it has the complimenting blush shade and lip glosses already at hand for you.

I love taking photos in the snow, unfortunately for me I have a lot of house chores to do, so didn't get a real photoshoot this time around. Instead, I went out for 15 minutes for some selfies and photos of the "aftermath". There was lots of laughter in the park as people engaged in snowball fights. Dogs jumped about in the snow and chomped on snowballs their owners flung at them. Then my hands went numb and that was it for me! How was everyone's snow day? Hope you were all safe & warm during this snow storm!

More photos on my photography page.





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