Fleurs De Cerisier | rolling in pink petals

Photo by AXL Photography.
“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.” ― Mulan

Going through pain and hardships helps one grow and mature, that's what I learnt in the past two months with some personal experiences. I'm still learning, and growing, and hopefully "bloom" into a better me :) I really miss the beautiful spring time and weather, but nothing is forever just like the cherry blossoms. However, their sacrificed and fallen beauty gave me a beautiful backdrop to my photos, which is kind of like life - if you can see past something broken, you can see it's beauty. Just got to reminds myself, "everything happens for a reason!"

Enough of my random ramblings about life! I thought I outgrew pink, but I still love it! Espcially romantic floral prints like this two piece. Luckily I never tossed out my rosette sandals, and it went along with the whole look! To tie into the print, I used a pop of mint nail polish. I loveee the shot Sandy took of them against the pink petals. Everything about the shots from her and AXL photography is so magical and reminds me of perfume ads hehehe 

Photos above by Sandy Chen Photography





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