now | plaid top as a skirt

In this maze we're in together 
The only place I can lean on is you
- Troublemaker, "Now"

After the shoot, I realized our outfits kind of reminds me of the style of Troublemaker's "NOW". The casual vibe worked well for the last look of my shoot with male model Woo. I like how I buy plaid tops just to wear as skirts, rather than as a top haha... My requirement when I shop for plaid tops - would it look ok tied around my waist? Yes? Ok, I'll buy~

These were shot by my good friend and photographer Sandy Chen (who I always love shooting with!!! Love you girl <3). I love how everything came together in this collaboration! Can't wait to work with the two of them again soon :)

We meant to shoot this last look at the end of the park, but unfortunately that part closed right as we got to it! It would've been too dark anyways, darn you early sunset!! At least we go to use this really cool and creepy abandoned hospital as a backdrop. 





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