ringing in the new year | silver bodycon dress

[ 接受困難勇敢面對一切吧...記得給自己個微笑 ]

The last day of the year! I thought my post yesterday would be my last post of the year, but waking up to my friend's text literally "woke" something up in my mind. She told me "Don't rely on others to make you happy if you're not happy yourself". Which is so true, I must be able to be happy by myself before finding happiness with others.

I really want to end 2015 on a positive note, therefore I got rid of negative vibes and left behind trivial matters, or trying really hard for that matter. The quote above is from Z.Tao's song "Alone", which isn't my favorite song from him but when I read the lyrics, it really embodies how I feel today. Face your difficulties, smile for yourself, and forget haters because there will always be those that loves you. Why hurt your head or yourself for people not worth your time? You have to be able to lean on yourself (but I'm leaning on the wall in these photos...) first and be strong for yourself. There will always be difficulties that comes your way, you just have to learn how to deal with it.

I know my best friends and sister has been telling me this maybe uh 364 days of this year already. At least it hit me on the last day of the year. Better late than never right? :P Anyways, I hope my posts next year will be on positive notes. I guess that's my new years resolution! Stop being such a pessimistic person, even though most people say I seem like such a cheerful person haha Have you read my blog posts?! I guess I just like to see people smile, so I try not to be upset, but if you read my blog posts that's me~

So here is an outfit idea for people going out to celebrate the new years! I guess I'm a true New Yorker as I never went to Times Square to watch the countdown, I just watch it from the comfort of my cozy home haha. Have a fun and safe New Years eve / day everyone :)

Photo above shot by Woo, edited by me. Photo below by Sandy Chen Photography.





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