air | dance of the chiffon dress

[ I want you to breathe me | Let me be your air | No inhibition, no fear ]

Shot by AXL photography, edited by me.
I want to start 2016 on a happier note, trying to be a more optimistic person here! So for my first post, I decided to do something more airy and light, as compared to my previous darker posts. It's a bit of a flashback Friday from when I shot with Sandy & Alex back in 2015.

I love flowy dresses, as it's the best type to throw, spin and frolic about in. Seemingly to have a mind of its own, with each movement creates a different shape, like waves. It's soothing to do, and to look at, for me anyways. The soft, smooth fabrics brushing against your fingers is like a stress reliever. You can see I love to it often from my two posts awhile back.

Besides the beautiful pleated chiffon skirt, I also love the cutouts on the bodice to balance out the caged details of the gold heels. Of course let's not forget the illusion of sheerness from the lace, giving off a slight hint of sexiness. The mints and periwinkles combined gives off an ethereal feeling, and are the two colors I tend to lean towards besides red and black. All these elements make the dress a bit alluring, but still elegant.

The lyrics I chose to use is the popular song "How Deep is Your Love" by Calvin Harris & Disciples, which is a great song to listen to as I edit photos or videos. The music video is very surreal, and dream like featuring the gorgeous Gigi Hadid (can I admit have a girl crush on her? haha), which goes with the mood of these photos.

First & below shots by Sandy Chen Photography.





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