the end | blush pink draped dress

"If you think it's all gone just breathe in and hold on to the end of time."

It's refreshing, connecting with nature by walking around bare-footed as you breathe in the fresh air. It also makes you feel vulnerable, letting your guard down and allowing all your memories to come back to you since there's no distractions there. Reflecting on it could hurt you again, but once you get to the end of the road, you know you survived through the journey.

I'm in love with this set of photos taken by FLVFFZ.  It shows a different side of me - fragile yet peaceful. I don't know why but it reminds me of Daenerys, or maybe I just love her too much and connect her with everything. It might be the blush tone of my draped dress paired with the simple gold choker necklace, or that broken-down but still willing to fight to the end look. The dark clouds looming over us sets a sad, but a beautiful scene. I just love how everything came together to create these images.

I started re-watching Reign and fell in love with the soundtrack, I felt the song "Fight The End" really fit the mood of the set - hold on til the end, even when you think all is lost. Even though the show is not historically accurate besides the main events, it's a guilty pleasure to watch. The gowns are magnificent (even though super inaccurate haha).





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