cobblestones | soho grey dress & scarf

Remanent of cobblestone streets are becoming rarer and rarer in the modern concrete jungle NYC. That's why I love shopping around Soho, as you get to browse along the remaining few streets left with cobblestones. Not only do you get to experience the feeling of old NY, you get to see all the beautiful architecture and interesting doors, such as the one we found at 102!

When shopping around NYC, it's always best to dress in layers as it can easily turn from warm in the afternoon, to chilly at night time. I always carry a scarf/stole on me just in case I start to feel cold. I paired this black stole with a simple grey bodycon dress to make my favorite purse the key point - the seashell mini Perry satchel from Rebecca Minkoff. I customized it with a faux fur pom pom, which also ties in the black edging of the bag. Sometimes that detail could look cheap, which is why I usually avoid it. However, this one doesn't, which I'm so glad since I bought it without seeing it in person.

Photos taken by Renee Yu | Edited by me

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