Black Orchid | Autumn Hairstyle

My hair was getting out of control and starting to resemble a bird's nest. I knew it was time for the inevitable haircut. I used to cry about having to chop off my hair since I love my long hair – it always looked so pretty when I curled it. However, my hair was really getting out of hand, getting tangled from being damaged beyond repair, and the roots looked so ugly! I asked around for salon recommendations, and my friend suggested I go to Rex at Hair Toto Group.

Upon entering, the staff greeted me warmly and gave me a cup of water to combat the summer heat. Rex proceeded to look at the two photos I had prepared, one with the subtle ombré style and one with a beautiful chestnut color. He then worked his magic – evened out my hair to a beautiful dark brown, painted on bleach for the ombré look, and lastly toned the bleached parts to a rich red hue. The outcome was a beautiful blend of black, burgundy and gold like a mysterious black orchid. I was so amazed, my hair has never looked more beautiful!

No filters to show how beautiful the tonal gradation is
Not only was I so satisfied with my new cut and color, he was also very patient and explaining what he was doing. I asked what was the difference between ombré and balayage – ombré is the gradient style, while balayage is the technique used to paint the colors on. So he explained that what he did was a combination of the two, painting on the ombré so that it'll look more natural. Instead of just a sharp contrast from the dark roots to light bottom, he started some strokes from the top, bringing them down to join the lighter pieces at the bottom. He was so detailed, and the hard work paid off! He had a very happy customer (and now loyal!).

He graduated from Vidal Sassoon which explains why he has such a good sense of color. Without me asking, he gave me a shade darker than the photos I showed since he knows after a few washes my hair will be as light as my references, therefore I can keep the color for a longer time.

After my happy hair session, my photographer friend, George Liaw, helped me shoot some beautiful shots, retouched by me. Top Forever21 | Skirt Boutique | Lipstick ColourPop x Urban Decay ombre





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