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One of the most beautifully designed store I've seen is the Kiki de Montparnasse boutique in Las Vegas (I've visited the SoHo one which was nice but the Las Vegas ones are amazing from just the photos itself!). The romantic shades of mauve paired with the dark, wooden furniture, gold hardware and rich tones of aubergine curtains made the store so mysterious and lavish. If I can design my own closet, I would definitely model it after their stores. I'll have gold edged glass display cases to showcase my accessories and 30+ perfume bottle collection, comfortable round sofa chair to invite friends over for, and both wooden closets as well as gold hanging racks.

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Of course, having such a luxurious looking closet comes with the price of maintaining the image of it. I wouldn't be able to have all my clothes out on display such as this - I must condense and pick which ones are in season and which ones must be put away. I've been trying to do that by storing away winter garments in boxes, but I wouldn't want these boxes to be peeking out behind the curtains! That's where MakeSpace comes into play.

MakeSpace is a new app that features the service of storing your items, including picking it up! It's like having a second closet to hide away out of season items, and they can also bring it back to you when you request for it. They've even shared a useful flowchart to use when considering what to do with your items. I have to learn to part with clothes I no longer wear, I can always donate or gift it to friends. Another great option they have for us is that they can pick up GoodWill donations for free during the process of picking up the items we want to store.

If you'd like more information or where they're located, you can check out their self storage locations!

With all this talk about closets and clothes, I might as well share some of the new trends I'm hoping to get to add into this future dream closet of mine ;)

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This year, mauve and blush tones are so in! It's also one of the Pantone Color of the Year for 2016. I'm obsessed with this feminine shade. I've been meaning to find the perfect blush tone jacket, dresses and a handbag! I've also been searching for a nice basic grey coat, and a thigh high grey boots but can never find one that actually reaches past my knees haha So basically, the three outfits are in my in search of list! I'll take the puppy too :P

I realized the other color I'm obsessed with is the counterpart to the rose quartz I mentioned before - serenity, which I like to call Cinderella Blue. It's such a beautiful pastel tone. I love fur (faux preferably as I love animals), and how amazing does that ice blue fur vest look?

I have a baby blue jacket but if I could find a duster version like that, paired with an all white outfit, that would be a dream outfit! So chic. And of course, which girl doesn't want a Chanel bag? Though my ideal one would be the Chanel boy one. Add on the floppy hat, a sheer maxi skirt and voila a beautiful Parisian outfit. I actually have pieces like these, so I can't wait to try during autumn and get some photos up for my blog.

Photo credits: Song of Style | Tuula Vintage | Wendys Lookbook 
Lastly, I'll love to add rich autumn hues into my closet - like being adventurous and trying a rust red which I don't usually reach for when I shop. Finding the perfect camel coat that won't age me, and more burgundy and olive colors which are my two favorites for the upcoming season! Besides the Chanel boy bag, Celine is another bag on my wishlist :3

What are your guys dream outfits?





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