flirty fall | layering for the autumn

Just because autumn is all about layering and covering up, doesn't mean you can't feel and look sexy! Lingerie is like a second skin, it's the closest piece to a women's body. It can be used as a little pick me up by wearing that sexy, lacey bra under a casual dress.

Adore me invited me to create some lay downs showing just how to make your outfit a little bit more flirty. Above, I layered a strappy, lacey bra under a more mature maxi dress. The low cut v neckline allows some of the lace to peak under for a mysterious look, whereas the open back shows off the strappy back of the bra.

For a date look, I paired red and black, my go-to color scheme to feel sexy. The shoulder straps also have strappy details, so with the off the shoulder neckline, it can be an added detail. I added lace-up red flats to tie in with the lingerie pieces. Even if no one can see that matching colors, just you knowing it will give you that extra boost of confidence.

Lastly, I wanted a casual, stay home and watch Netflix kind of look. It's also getting really chilly here in NYC, so a cute striped sweater with shorts is perfect for being a couch potato.





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