Estee Lauder Stay Flawless, Double Wear Light Review & Autum Photoshoot Photos

UPDATE: Once I put it on at 9AM, and fell asleep at midnight with it on, I woke up at 3AM and it still looks good, so this is very long lasting!!!

After taking Bridal Make Up course in Taiwan, I realized how important foundation is in photos. Before, I would just apply my tinted sunscreen and concealer. Well it usually works since most people have told me I have pretty nice skin. However, for photos, you want your skin to look even smoother, flawless and even.

So returning to NYC, I went to Macy's with my mom and picked out my first foundation! I went to Estee Lauder since I had some good experience with their make up. The sales lady immediately recommended me their Double Wear Light foundation after examining my skin type. But the indecisive me decided to test all their foundation on my hand, parts of my face and when that wasn't enough, my mom's too. The sales man came along and when he heard I wanted it for photoshoots, he recommended the regular Double Wear foundation (comes in a bottle instead of the tube like the light). When he applied both on my skin, I couldn't tell much of a difference. However for hygienic purposes, I chose the Light one instead of having to use something to scoop some of the regular one each time.

Turns out to be a great choice as this foundation had a special set that came with a pretty gold brush to match the cap, concealer and a matte perfecting primer. Perfect way to break into the foundation world for me! Plus it was only about $5 extra. I got intensity 1.

From left to right: bare skin - primer & foundation - applied concealer on spots and under eye.
It gave a nice light, and sheer coverage, covering my blackheads and pores and lighten up stray eyebrows. It also brighten up my complexion a bit. The concealer was enough to cover most of the pigmentation of my blemishes, but not heavy enough to cover my dark circles. So I would have to find one to use with this. 

The brush's quality is quite good, however it did leave a bit of streaks so be sure to blend well with it!

Then off I went to photoshoot! Here is how the color looks in natural light and after a few hours of application. What I love about it is it doesn't settle in the lines by my nose/mouth. Not sure what it's called? :/ Many foundation does that to me, but due to the light texture of this one it didn't! LOVEEE!! Will definitely be purchasing another set when I'm almost done with mine ;)

Here are the two looks I did side by side. One was a lighter angelic look for my white lingerie ensemble and the other a sexier look with a corset. Will be filming a tutorial for this soon as it's been requested by a few friends ;)

Lastly how it looks on a professional camera! How did I shoot lingerie on a cold 50 degree autumn day? Simple, I do what I love :D More photos from the shoot will be added when I receive it. 

My outfit of the day! What upsets me the most is my waist looks nice in photos, but I feel like in preson it is not :( Time to hit the gym today before checking out the Halloween parade!





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