{ Start of the Fur Season } Fur x Leather x Knit

I am back from my trip to Taiwan and can finally blog again!

Just when I returned, the season has rapidly changed from summer to cold, windy autumn. But hey, I'm not complaining. I got to dig out my clothes adorned with my favorite Autumn / Winter item - fur, or as I like to call it Mao Mao.

I also tried using my new double sided eyelid tape for the first time today on my left eye - the eye with double crease. It was due to my naive self in high school where I played with my eyelids, lifting and then dropping it to create double crease. It looked nice and big then, reminding me of Ayumi Hamasaki's eyes. However, it has decided to stick with me and I am not too thrilled.

On my right eye, the "normal" eye, I still have to use eyelid tape but for this I cut my own from a 3M tape roll. I learned this method in Taiwan, something I've wanted to learn since I saw Chinese make up artist do it for me. Everyone's eye shape and lid is different, so you have to cut accordingly. For me, I just a need a short piece to tape to the front of my eyes to raise my lid to match my left. It's troublesome to have to fix both eyes now, but hey you got to do what you got to do right?

Top - Korean boutique
Jacket - Just Cavalli
Earring - Korean Boutique
I love these lighted up stairs!! I used it as a backdrop the first time on birthday last year.






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