CC Cream Comparisons - Clinique, Nature Republic & Etude House (With Video)

There are so many different CC creams out there, but which one is the right one for your skin and needs? Since I have a few, I will do a quick comparison between 3 that I purchased in full size. For how it looks on my face, please watch the video. However, you can view the swatches in screenshots below.

With no foundation on, I have some red acne marks and very bad dark circles under my eyes. I need sleep!

Let's start with the Clinique CC Cream in Fresh Peach is very creamy but easy to blend into the skin. With no fragrance, and protection of SPF 30, it's hydrating but oil free, great for dry or combination skin. The texture was right between dewy and matte creating a radiant finish. Their other color choices such as very light, dark, etc, is less dewy and a bit more matte and thicker.

The fresh peach provides a light to medium coverage, and brighten up my skin a bit, which made it appear less yellow and dull. It's great for everyday pick me up. The red marks are slightly lightened, and the under eyes are brightened.

The Nature Republic Completed Control Cream in brightening comes in tube with a pump. However it can be hard to pump it out at times.  Instead of cream, it feels and looks more like a lotion, so blended out it is very sheer. It takes a bit longer to blend, but is a lot more light weight than Clinque's. The other two versions, tinted and color change are darker and provides more color. 

It has a nice relaxing floral scent but is not strong at all. It whitens, improves wrinkles and has SPF of 25. And although it illuminates my skin, it is not a warm color rather a more ashy to white  tone. It is also hydrating, but was more towards a dewy finish, so it might not work as well for oily skins.

It is definitely a lot more lightweight and sheer than the Clinique. The red mark on the Nature Republic side is still very visible. Therefore, it works better as a primer, under base.

Since both have less coverage than other foundations, I will need some help with some concealer! So for both cc cream, it works the best when you add concealer into the routine.

Sorry it's so dirty! I take this every time I travel so it's had a rough life :P

Lastly is the Etude House CC Cream. It too comes with a pump for hygiene, and their pump works a lot more efficiently. The cream is not very thick, and comes out white with a lot of little colored beads. When blended out, the beads mix with the white to create a light nude color. However it takes awhile to blend it well.

This is the thickest out of the three, but doesn't feel too heavy on the skin. It has a stronger floral scent, but I really liked it as I love floral fragrances. 

The Etude House has SPF of 30 and has wrinkle care and whitening base properties. This one really brightened up my skin by making it look whiter, but still natural. It is not as hydrating as the other two, but creates a matte finish that is beautiful when photographed. It's best for summer with it's oil control property. It also last me over 8 hours without getting oily.

It has the most coverage, the red mark that the Nature Republic couldn't cover has been concealed. My under eye circles are also lightened without any concealer. Etude house also offers the same cc cream in glow, which gives  a dewy finish instead.

So out of the three, what's my favorite??? Dun dun dun~~

The winner is Etude House! From my previous entry I have already raved it, but I just love how it looks for photos and the scent. However, as stated, it is thicker, so if you prefer a lighter weight for everyday, my second favorite is the Clinique! 

Of course there are a lot of other brands, so it would also benefit you to go swatch a few to see what works best for your skin. Hope this was helpful as a starting point. Please subscribe for more on my channel or my blog. See you guys next time! xoxo <3

This is not a sponsored video/post. I bought Clinique CC Cream in fresh peach in Bloomingdales, Nature Republic in it's NYC store, and Etude House on Amazon and also in their Taiwan store.





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