Miss Angel Model Contest Kickoff & Auditions

Miss Angel Model Contest Kickoff Party
Photo credit Amanda Z
If anyone remembers me joining a model contest last year (Miss Angel Model Contest), well, its second cycle has just begun! The kick off party was last month, where Miss Angel Contest spokesperson Esther Pang introduced the new cycle's detailed information for the press. You can watch the TV news report video from SinoVision website, which is the biggest Chinese TV station in NYC. The link is here http://video.sinovision.net/?id=20988&cid=112

Great to see my friend at the party!
3 models from previous cycle, Judy, Nancy & Lala
Photo credit Amanda Z
There are a few differences from the first and new cycle - the models will work closely with official charity partner, Promise Society, as well as cash prize, acting contract and charity ambassador role for the winner. The age group has also changed to 16 through 28-year-old female. What's great and reason why I joined this contest before is that it teaches young women that beauty isn't all about how we look, but how we think and act matters as well. By working with charity groups and events, it reinforces that beauty comes from within.

Judges for the audition - Teresa, Jayson & Nancy
(Photo credit to its owner)
The registration closed on June 1st, wherein the board picked out promising girls for Esther to do one one one interviews with. After her selection, the girls are asked to come in for audition in front of this year's judges and coaches - Teresa, Jayson and Nancy. Each girl had their own time slot where they give a brief introduction, why they joined, show their talents (if any), walk and pose for the judges. The judges can ask questions to have a sense of what the girl's areas of interests are and pick which girls they want in their team (again something different than our cycle).

Teresa's team emphasizes on charity thoughts and willingness on contributions, Jayson considers more on the model's commercial value, and Nancy is able to help models with their talents (singing, dancing, etc) and community exposures. So by having this audition, they can see which girls falls in which category for the judges to help further improve the girl expertise. It can also break the girl if she doesn't show enough interest or if they don't fall in love with the girl, she can be eliminated.

Now that the contest have officially started and the girls have been narrowed down, I'm excited to see what this new cycle brings to the community! It's a brand-new, and so far the first and only Charity Themed Role Model Contest! Stay tuned for more on the contest!





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