Transformers: Age of Extinction NYC Premiere

Due to my girly image and interests, I don't think many people knew that I enjoy sci-fi/action movies as well (come on I dragged a guy to watch "Avengers" with me, and I can't believe he fell a sleep first :P). So when asked if I wanted to go to "Transformers: Age of Extinction", I was so excited. I really liked the previous movies, so of course wanted to go support the new one as well!

It was such a fun high energy event, cheering on the actors and cast as they walk past us. Some people got to talk to them, or take some photos with them. All of the actors and actresses were so friendly and tried to sign or take photos with as many fans as they can. Sorry that a lot of my photos aren't super clear/focused, I was shaking my pompoms as they walked past so hard to hold my iPhone :P

Of course got to wear an Autobot T-Shirt to support the "good" robots ;)

At the fan pit, we get to watch on TV the actors, directors and other cast/crew before they walk past us so we know who we are cheering for by the time they walk by us. Up on screen is the voice of Optimus Prime being interviewed.

Peter Cullen, voice of Optimus Prime, everyone's favorite Autobot!
Mark Wahlberg - Cade Yeager, the new human protagonist 
Stanley Tucci, as the technologist Joshua Joyce, shaking hands with fans
Tucci's beautiful wife, Felicity Blunt, was so stylish. Look at those pumps!
Jack Reynor, as Shane Dyson, the cute "Lucky Charm" driver lol
Nicola Peltz, as Tessa Yeager. Loved her choice of dress, there was a small train in the back.
She's so sultry!
Bingbing Li in a Giambattista Valli Spring 2014 peplum Gown, as Su Yueming, such a kick ass character. At first she seems just like a business women, but watch towards the end, she's awesome.
She's more beautiful in person! So graceful. And I love how she took the selfies herself with the fans. I also loved her fashion, it's out of the norm but stands out and suits her well! 
Got a selfie with my style icon :)
The amazing Steven Spielberg, who was an executive producer. 
Us fans with the talented Michael Bay! He produced and directed the movie.
The very cool transformers glasses! Want to make some costume out of it!
After the red carpet, we headed into the theatre to watch the screening of "Transformers: Age of Extinction". Peter Cullen used his Optimus Prime voice to introduced Michael Bay, who then introduced the movie and that he decided to sign on to this fourth installment. Which I'm glad he did, I really liked the art direction and cinematography of the whole movie, the way the camera moved through each scene. I want to learn that as well! Then he said that he's grateful to the over 4,000 people involved, and introduced some of the cast that we may not have know of. Then began the movie!

It was great sitting the theatre, clapping amongst other fans whenever our favorite Autobots and human succeed in something. Not wanting to give anything away, but I think this movie might have a deeper meaning than about the war between the robots. When (I believe it was) Optimus Prime who said somethings should have never been invented. It kind of reminds me of in our real world, there are things that scientists shouldn't meddle with, such as the debate about cloning, etc. Not saying it will result in something as serious as a war between great robots and destroying the earth (though there is also the climate change to think about), but something along that lines. Got me thinking, heh.

Although it was a really long movie because they put a few different conflict after another, at least it was easy to follow along. It's really cool that they went to a lot of places to film, you see US, North Pole, China and Hong Kong. I spotted Hang Geng in the car, which was really funny. I feel the chemistry between the people and the comic relief jokes strewn in strategically are a lot better than previous ones. Also, the Autobots and Decepticons all have a lot more personality than before, and each were design so differently. So when they fight, you can clearly differentiate them.

Some favorite quotes/scenes
Cade Yeager: Sweetie, get my alien gun!
He said it after his alien space ride crashed on a guy's car and the guy kept screaming about insurance. That was really funny.

When Bumbleebee said "I hate cheap knock-offs." because he saw a copy prototype of him, that the company kept saying is "a better version".

Su Yueming said "Is that a bomb in the back? Shit!"

So if you already love the previous movies, definitely check this out. I liked it better than previous ones.





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