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Want stylist picked designer jewelry every month? With Rocksbox you can try 3 pieces caterer to your style with each box! Try the first month free with promo code judycyangxoxo

My first Rocksbox came just in time for my belated birthday party! I've been planning on wearing this cream lace and chiffon illusion gown, and the jewelry pieces they handpicked for me went perfectly with it! The Perry Street Gemma earrings is totally my style - wear it as an elegant stud, or turn it into an unique cartilage piece.

The beautiful Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace in Slate Cat's Eye is the perfect statement piece for this dress, it falls just between the v-shape of my dress. The jewel piece is an interesting shade and finish, with the fun chain tassels hanging below it. It's definitely a great deal to try 3 different pieces per box, as you can send the box back as much as you want and try a different 3 pieces! If you'll like to keep one of the pieces, you get a discounted price! Try it out with me with promo code judycyangxoxo for one month free!

Photos by Mark, edited by me.

Check out my unboxing video! :)





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